Human beings are meaning-making animals

We take in information from the world around us through our senses, and — individually and collectively — we transform that information into narrative. We turn the world around us into stories, and often enough we turn the stories we tell ourselves into reality.

Which is to say, we make magic.

Stories are the everyday magic by which we weave together our lives, our communities, and our societies. The power of that magic can be wielded consciously or unconsciously, for private benefit or collective upliftment, for good or for ill.

I’m Elinor Predota

This is me in April 2016:

I am fascinated by stories: the stories we tell each other, and the stories we tell ourselves; those stories that we know we are telling, and those that we don’t. I have followed this fascination into the work of spirituality, healing and ritual, and of storytelling ‘eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart’. On this website you will find information about the services and events I offer in these areas of work.

But before you explore, I invite you to spend a moment reflecting on on your own stories — the ones you tell yourself and the ones you tell others; the ones you know you’re telling, and the ones you don’t. I’d love to hear about what you discover: email me to let me know.

I look forward to meeting you.