About Elinor

I believe in me, I believe in you,
and you know I believe in love.
— from “Love Action” by The Human League 


I’m Elinor.

I’m a researcher, storyteller, singer, Priestess, Interfaith Minister, thinker, activist and artist. I’m also a spoonie, a Marxist and intersectional feminist, a mystic, a Witch, a geek, and an out and proud, queer bisexual.

I live in the hills of southern Scotland with my partner, Claire, and our big, fluffy dog, Mischa. Much of the time, I can be found knitting or crocheting, watching Star Trek or My Little Pony, baking gluten free goodies, singing to the land and its spirits, and cuddling with my pack.

I am constantly fascinated by uncovering what is, and discovering and creating what could be. My work with others involves:

  • researching people’s lives, experiences, and desires for the future;
  • the discovery, creation and telling of stories;
  • retreats, classes and workshops;
  • the magic of ritual and ceremony.

All of what I do is rooted in a practice of deep presence and listening, creating a welcoming space in which all feelings, all perspectives, all identities, all responses and reactions — whether expected or unexpected, pleasant or challenging — may find a home, and where experiences and lives may be transformed.

This is my small contribution to the liberation of all beings.

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