About Elinor

I believe in me, I believe in you,
and you know I believe in love.
— from “Love Action” by The Human League 

I’m Elinor.

I’m a researcher, storyteller, singer, Priestess, Interfaith Minister, thinker, activist and artist. I’m also a spoonie, a Marxist and intersectional feminist, a mystic, a Witch, a geek, and an out and proud, queer, bisexual dyke.

I live in the hills of southern Scotland with my partner, Claire, and our big, fluffy dog, Mischa. Much of the time, I can be found knitting or crocheting, watching Star Trek or My Little Pony, baking gluten free goodies, singing to the land and its spirits, and cuddling with my pack.

I am constantly fascinated by uncovering what is, and discovering and creating what could be. My work with others involves:

  • researching people’s lives, experiences, and desires for the future;
  • the discovery, creation and telling of stories;
  • retreats, classes and workshops;
  • the magic of ritual and ceremony.

All of what I do is rooted in a practice of deep presence and listening, creating a welcoming space in which all feelings, all perspectives, all identities, all responses and reactions — whether expected or unexpected, pleasant or challenging — may find a home, and where experiences and lives may be transformed.

I believe that:

  • You are the expert on your own experience.
  • No part of us is ‘higher’ or ‘better’ than any other. We are physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual beings, having physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual experiences.
  • The connection between the different aspects of ourselves, between ourselves and other beings, and between ourselves and Life Itself is always real, but not always easy to feel. There are many practices which, with regular application, make it easier to experience that connection.
  • We are, each one of us, telling stories all the time, to ourselves and to one another. All of those stories feel real to us, even when they are not true.
  • All of our stories can be rewritten. This does not change reality (for example, we can’t just tell a new story and expect it to eradicate systemic racism), but it can change our perspective and experience, and release new energy within us.

This work is my small contribution to the liberation of all beings.

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