9th November, 1989

A West German man uses a hammer and chisel to chip off a piece of the Berlin Wall as a souvenir.  A portion of the Wall has already been demolished at Potsdamer Platz.

It’s a grey Thursday afternoon in November, 1989.

I’ve finally got my college room organised to my satisfaction: single bed pushed lengthways against the window; side table at the foot, holding my hifi and a small lamp; big wooden desk and chair in front of the noticeboard on the adjacent wall.

I’ve got the radio of my hifi on, tuned to Radio 4, listening to the news…

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Managing chaos

You may have noticed from the creator statement at the top of my Patreon page that I’m what used to be called a polymath. Nowadays, it’s more likely to be called being multi-passionate, or a multipotentialite.

I like to call it simply ‘being creative’.

It comes with a problem: I have so many ideas, and end up working on so many projects at once, that keeping track of them all is a challenge. A big challenge.

At present, I’m working on three non-fiction books, three paintings, two stories, two courses, and a fan fiction. I have an endless list of projects to take the place of any that I finish. And I’m planning on starting a new blog on a Pagan blogging platform soon, if I get through the acceptance criteria.

Chaos, right? So how do I manage it all?

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