Everyone’s story deserves to be told

That is my guiding vision with each piece of research I carry out.

Social research can sound complicated, involving lots of long words and technical details; but fundamentally, it’s about people’s lives and experiences, their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and relationships.

Their stories.

If there’s a group of people whose stories you want to delve into, I can help.

I have 15+ years of experience, as well as formal training, in carrying out effective social research that makes a difference.

Some examples of why you might want to hire me to carry out social research:

  • assessing the impact of the services you deliver
  • finding out what existing and potential service-users or clients want and need
  • uncovering hidden experiences in your own community
  • providing evidence to drive change in your organisation
  • recognising and celebrating excellence in your profession

And these are just a few examples.

How it works

Before taking on a research project, I will meet with you to discuss what you want to find out, and why. Based on our conversation, I will create a proposed brief for the work, including purpose, methods, outputs, outcomes, estimated fee, and payment schedule.

Depending upon the type of research required, I will use whatever combination of interviews, focus groups, workshops, participatory appraisal, video, and other methods is most appropriate.

My fee for social research ranges from £30 to £75 per hour, depending upon the complexity and intensity of the work. Most research can be carried out via telephone and Internet, but occasionally travel and overnight accommodation are required, for which costs are also payable.

Who I work with

I’m happy to take on most research projects. At the same time, I am particularly committed to projects that:

  • seek to improve the lives of marginalised people
  • focus on people’s lived experience, especially those of marginalised people
  • are part of broader movements for social and cultural change and/or healing
  • come from the perspective of community empowerment, intersectional feminism, and/or deep ecology

If you want to carry out a research project that involves these commitments, but don’t have the funds, do please still get in touch, as I can also help with finding and applying to sources of funding, with a fee payable for that work if/when applications are successful.


If you would like to investigate the possibility of me carrying out research with or for you, please email me and we’ll set up a time to talk.