Feri / Faery Witchcraft

Feri or Faery Witchcraft is a series of ecstatic, initiatory lineages of Pagan Witchcraft, which originated in the USA. There are at least as many ways of practising Feri as there are Feri witches, but in general, Feri emphasises self-knowledge, integration, sexuality, and cultivation of personal power.

Feri Witchcraft is not directly connected with the Fairy Faith of Ireland and Scotland, or the teachings of R. J. Stewart, although many Feri initiates recognise resonances, and themselves develop relationship with the Sidhe.

The earliest possible origins of Feri are in the 1920s, when Victor Anderson, Feri’s founder, began his explorations into both Western and indigenous magical traditions. Through many transformations, his practice and teachings (developed with his wife, Cora, who was brought up in Appalachian folk magic, as well as with some of his initiates) became recognisably what is now known as Feri or Faery sometime in the 1970s.

If you would like to find out more about Feri’s beginnings, I suggest reading the books by Victor H. and Cora Anderson, published by Harpy Books. However, how Feri is practiced now, in its many manifestations, often bears little resemblance to its first origins.

My approach to Feri

As a Feri seeker for 15 years, and a student for more than 10 before my eventual initiation in July 2015, I have experienced a number of different Feri approaches, ethics, aesthetics and methods, with different teachers, and in different corners of the Feri world.

My own approach emphasises:

  • curiosity, openness, and radical self-honesty;
  • owning, valuing, alignment, and integration of all aspects of self;
  • cultivation of self-knowledge, will, power, and purpose;
  • relationship with one’s own all-species, more-than-human tribe — including other humans, plants, animals, and the living land, as well as Ancestors, Gods, and other spirit beings;
  • everyday, practical magic;
  • passing of existing lore, and reception of new.

I seek to give equal respect to the paths of intellect, emotion, inspiration, and body, while recognising your and my own needs, limits and preferences. I teach Feri one to one, ‘eye to eye, mind to mind, and heart to heart’, and do not charge for teaching.

What next?

If you feel drawn to Feri, and to me as your potential teacher, drop me an email telling me a bit about how you experience that draw, or PM me on Facebook, and let’s chat. ♥