Which of your stories do you want to change?
What new stories do you want to tell?

Ritual is one of the things that all human cultures share, and one of the oldest human activities. It speaks to us, moves us, transforms us, in ways that no other human activity can.

Through symbols, movements, sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations, we create a doorway and step through; when we return, a change has been made.

We emerge from ritual transformed.

Spiritually, emotionally, socially, our being and our becoming tell new stories.

I have been creating ritual for over 20 years, yet each new ritual is fresh and exciting, because every person, relationship, family or community is unique.

What kinds of ritual can we create?

We can create ritual for changes of all kinds. Here are just some examples:

  • making a relationship commitment;
  • moving into a new home or workspace;
  • welcoming a baby or adopted child;
  • transitioning gender;
  • becoming an elder;
  • saying goodbye to a dead loved one;
  • starting out on a new spiritual path;
  • completing a phase of your life journey;
  • personal or community healing;
  • the changing seasons.

Who do I work with?

While I enjoy working with all kinds of people, I particularly welcome creating ritual with you if you are:

  • someone who has experienced wounding from religious or spiritual groups in the past;
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual/pansexual, asexual, or queer;
  • transgender, genderqueer, agender, or non-binary;
  • polyamorous.

As an Interfaith Minister, I will only ever use language, symbols, and elements in your ritual that resonate with you, and express what you want to express.

As a Priestess and Witch, I will make sure that the ritual does what you want it to do, and doesn’t do anything you don’t want it to do. (Rituals are magic, and magic always works.)

As an intersectional feminist, I am committed to steering away from cultural and spiritual appropriation.

What happens when we work together?

Writing your ritual

To start with, we’ll have at least one long conversation, with lots of space for questions and dialogue. Afterwards, I will create and email you a draft of your ritual, and we’ll make changes and tweaks until everyone is happy. You can then use the ritual script as you see fit, as many times as you like. You may even publish it, as long as I am credited as the author.

Conducting your ritual

If you want me to conduct the ritual for you, we need to ensure that our diaries match!

Depending upon the kind of ritual it is, and exactly what you’re looking for, I may also suggest cleansings, blessings, and magical workings before or after the ritual. We will also have a run-through if it’s a public ritual.

Then the ritual itself happens: I make sure to conduct only one ritual on any one date, to ensure that you will have my full energy and attention.

After your ritual

Whether I am only writing your ritual or also conducting it, I will normally drop you an email about a month afterwards to check in and, if it’s appropriate, to discuss ‘what next’.


Because this is a bespoke service, it’s impossible for me to give an accurate price before we’ve discussed what you’re looking for, but you should expect to pay in the range of £150-£300 for writing your ritual, and an additional £100-£700 for conducting it, depending upon the complexity, duration, and intensity involved. Travel expenses (45p per mile), and the cost of accommodation are also payable if required.

I’m interested in a bespoke ritual


The first step is to email me with what you’re looking for. I understand that you might not be entirely clear on exactly what that is yet, and finding the words for it might be hard. That’s okay: feel free to use bullet points, ramble, or flail if you need to.

If I think your desired ritual is something I can help you with, we’ll arrange an initial Skype meeting and take it from there. If it turns out I can’t help you, I will do my best to refer you on to someone who can. ♥