Art prints, cards, and more

Some of my older artworks were lost in a house fire in 2012. Fortunately, I had taken high-resolution scans of some of the works, and they are now available as canvas prints, on cards, and more.

All products are currently supplied via Zazzle: just click the text links under each image to be taken to the store.

Copyright statements on images on this page are to prevent image theft, and do not appear on finished products.


Solstice Star

Created on the winter solstice, 2006, this mixed media work captures the essence of the moment when the brightest light shines in the darkest of times.

Canvas printGreeting card | Notebook

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This pastel work shows an embodiment of the relationship between the moon and the earth: the tides which make all life on earth possible.

Canvas print | Greeting card | Notebook

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Triple Moon

Inspired by the visible phases of the moon, this pastel artwork is a reminder of the cycles of life.

Canvas printGreeting card | Mouse mat | Mug


The Wheel of the Year

Through changing colours, flowers, foliage, and foods, this collage shows the flow of time through the seasons of the year, on their ever-repeating wheel.

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