Story. Symbol. Soul. Magic.

They are languages, ways of understanding, that go beyond the material and the literal.

These languages are our birthright, each and every one of us. The dominant culture of our time, however, regards them as trivial and unimportant, calling them childish, and relegating them to the margins, or to entertainment.

Yet they are essential food for our human being and becoming. When they are absent we hunger and thirst for them; without them, our inner life, our community, and our society shrivel and starve.

They are my mother tongue, my native lands.
Take my hand and let me be your guide.

Elinor telling a story at the Eskdalemuir Hub, April 2016
Elinor telling a story at the Eskdalemuir Hub, April 2016

Whether in performance, or as a guide into mystery, Elinor tells traditional tales with a sparkle of wonder, and creates new stories and songs from artefacts, real lives, and landscapes.

Read on to find out more about each of these aspects of her work with story, and how they can bring magic into your life.

Storytelling performance

Elinor is currently working on a number of stories which she aims to take on tour to various venues during 2018. These include real-life stories of war-time heroism, tales of how the landscape was created, giving voice to female figures from myth and legend, and reflections on human relationships with our non-corporeal good neighbours, the Dine Sidhe.

If you want to support Elinor to bring these stories to life, and take their magic out into the world, you can pledge money and become a patron. Depending on how much money you pledge each month, you’ll get:

  • various rewards,
  • the latest news on progress with these stories (and all of Elinor’s other creative work),
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Story as a path into mystery

It is possible that some of the Indo-European fairy tales that we know and love are old: not just hundreds of years old, but thousands of years old. Some may have been told for as many as 6000 years.

These stories hold within them an unparalleled storehouse of knowledge and wisdom about the human condition, including who we are, why we’re here, and our relationship with the more-than-human world of which we are a part. By engaging with a story with open minds, hearts, and spirits, we can enter into its symbolism, drama, and meanings. We can listen

We can listen to what it has to say to us. We can allow it to transform us. We can follow as it leads us into the heart of mystery.

Elinor leads transformational workshops and retreats, in which we enter into story together, both with others, as part of Reclaiming Witchcamp teaching teams, and solo.

Check Elinor’s Calendar for dates and locations.