Story. Symbol. Soul. Magic.

They are languages, ways of understanding, that go beyond the material and the literal.

These languages are our birthright, each and every one of us. The dominant culture of our time, however, regards them as trivial and unimportant, calling them childish, and relegating them to the margins, or to entertainment.

Yet they are essential food for our human being and becoming. When they are absent we hunger and thirst for them; without them, our inner life, our community, and our society shrivel and starve.

They are my mother tongue, my native lands.
Take my hand and let me be your guide.

Elinor telling a story at the Eskdalemuir Hub, April 2016
Elinor telling a story at the Eskdalemuir Hub, April 2016

Whether in performance, in community, or as a guide into mystery, Elinor tells traditional tales with a sparkle of wonder, and creates new stories and songs from artefacts, real lives, and landscapes.

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