Works in progress

All of the story performances outlined below are works in progress. Elinor will soon be starting a crowdfunding campaign, where you will be able to donate to enable her to create and perform these works.

Man Maid

Eve was made by God from and for Adam; Galatea was made by Pygmalion and enlivened by Aphrodite for the sake of desire; Blodeuwedd was made by Math ap Mathonwy and Gwydion ap Nudd to be a wife for Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

So the stories go.

But what do these women have to say about their own creation, their own lives, and their own reasons for being?

In this performance, the stories we know of these women are juxtaposed with Elinor’s imaginings of what Eve, Galatea and Blodeuwedd themselves might have to tell us about their lives, and our own.

The Good Neighbours

Stories of the Good Neighbours, the Shining Ones, the Sidhe, the “Fairies” abound in Scottish oral tradition. These tales are by turns funny, scary, wonder-full, and poignant; but more than that, they show us the consequences of different ways of relating, as human beings in the more-than-human world in which we live, and of which we are but one part.

Elinor weaves together traditional tales with her own, real life stories of encounters with the Good Neighbours, for a performance of wonder, terror, and delight.

When Giants Formed The Land

All around the world, there are tales of a time when a race of giants moved earth and water to form the geography of the earth as we know it today. Elinor brings together tales from across mainland Britain and around the world, which tell of the exploits of these giants, and where we can still go to see their marks upon the land.