Capacitar International

Capacitar International uses a hands-on approach to teach simple wellness practices around the world, for free. They are especially committed to communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma, and work towards solidarity, understanding and reconciliation.

Their approach is based in popular education and community peer support, which is not only in itself empowering for communities affected by trauma, but also means that as an organisation they are able to reach a large number of people with a small amount of resource.

They have a number of programmes, including multicultural wellness, trauma healing, caring for carers, and organisational development, as well as gatherings, workshops and retreats.

Their website has a free download of simple healing and wellness techniques, available in multiple languages. It contains a wealth of practices from a number of different modalities, which can be used alone or with a partner:

  • breathwork
  • Tai Chi
  • fingerholds
  • EFT -- Emotional Freedom Technique
  • energy holds (partnered)
  • acupressure (partnered)

The document is a little difficult to read, due to design and layout, but is a gem, nonetheless.


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