Civil liberties — UK and USA

Liberty (the National Council for Civil Liberties in the UK) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) are important organisations to know about if you’re in the UK or the USA respectively, especially if you’re engaging in civil disobedience, or want to support those who do.

Liberty was founded in 1934. Its work involves campaigning for civil liberties and human rights in the UK. It is independent of any other organisation, political or otherwise. At the date of writing (update on 16th June 2018), their priority campaigns are: pushing the UK government to end indefinite detention for immigrants; and #keepbritainkind, a campaign to put human rights at the heart of British politics. You can join Liberty as a member, take part in petitions and campaigns, or donate.

The ACLU was formed in the years following WWI in response to draconian, unlawful action against 'radicals', as the US government feared a revolution similar to that which formed the USSR in 1917. Its work now is focused around upholding the US constitution against the constant attacks it currently faces. The ACLU accepts donations and has various campaigns which individuals can take part in.


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