Finding the right medium

This picture doesn't look like much, does it? A few scraps of paper; some faded ink. But it's all I have to keep hold of an idea for an artwork.

It's been sitting on my shelf of 'artworks in progress' for over a year, fading away, all unbeknownst to me. And the reason it's been languishing there? I didn't know what materials to use to realise it.

It's a layered work, with three levels, the viewer needing to be able to see each layer through the one below for the artwork to, well, work. Canvas is far too opaque, tissue paper is too thin and fragile (as the photograph demonstrates), perspex or acrylic sheets are either too clear or too opaque.

So what to do?

As often happens, the answer came to me as I was waking up. Cotton sheets. Low thread count cotton sheets. They can be painted on, appliquéd onto, ripped and shredded, glued, sewn, and with the right backlighting, will give just the effect I need.

I'm going to make another sketch, on paper in my sketchbook this time, of each layer, before the ideas I noted down so many months ago are gone forever. 

And then? Well, you (and I) will have to wait and see.


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