Winter blues

It's snowed quite a bit, here at home, and more is forecast. We're up to 38cms (15") so far. This means we're stuck at home, until a thaw. 

It's not so bad (as long as the power stays on). We're warm, and have food, and I have reading and writing and art and knitting to do. But it's also scary, and combined with the exhaustion that's overtaken me the past few days, I have fallen into a slump. I am not reading or writing (well, there's this). I'm not creating art (not quite true; I did finally finish a painting), and only knitting in fits and starts.

I am definitely suffering from what medical professionals refer to as "low mood". I feel anxious, and am full of negative thoughts about myself. But I'm still here, and still glad you're here with me.



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