Art: the story of a lifetime; the story of Life

I never thought of myself as an artist when I was a child. I have always known myself to be a writer and a poet, but it wasn’t until I reached my 40s that I began to take the possibility of myself as a visual artist seriously. I have very little formal training, no technique to speak of, yet I feel a wholeness in creating a painting, a drawing, a mixed media work, which I feel in no other context, save perhaps when deep in meditation.

My experience of creating art resonates with the description and definition of art offered by Vassily Kandinsky in Concerning the spiritual in art:

“In each picture is… a whole lifetime of fears, doubts, hopes and joys… The spiritual life, to which art belongs and of which she is one of the mightiest elements, is a complicated but definite and easily definable movement forwards and upwards.”

Whereas Kandinsky describes art and the spiritual life as a movement forwards and upwards, I experience it as a movement simultaneously inwards and outwards — an expansion at once into the depths of myself, and into the limitlessness of Life.

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