Building a successful business without buying into capitalism is possible.

It's possible because business and capitalism are not the same thing.

Business is when:

  • you create a container for doing your work in the world;
  • you get paid for your work;
  • you spend your earnings on what you need and want.

Capitalism is when:

  • the employees do the work;
  • the business owner/s take the profit;
  • the goal of the business is accumulation of profit for its own sake.

Many of us who own our own businesses want to see the exploitation of people and planet, the gross social and eocnomic inequalities we see around us, and the looming threat of climate change which capitalism has brought us to, all come to an end.

But how to do that?

We live within a capitalist system, one which is impossible for us to escape. Our capitalist culture tells us that, therefore, if we own a business, this automatically makes us capitalists.

That is a lie.

We can choose non-capitalist and anti-capitalist ways of creating and pursuing business, even within a capitalist system.

Image credit: Koushik Chowdavarapu on Unsplash

Do these ideas interest, intrigue, puzzle, or excite you?

Hi. My name is Elinor, and I've been thinking about these issues and acting on these questions for a quarter of a century: by myself and in small groups, through workers' and housing co-operatives, community collectives, and my own, solo businesses.

To my joy, it now feels like many, many people are beginning to think about business against and beyond capitalism.

Are you one of those many? Would you like to be?

Between March 2019 and September 2020, I'm offering 100 free conversations on business, capitalism, and what we can do now to build a more just economy from the perspective of solo and small business.

We'll meet via Zoom for around 45 minutes. I'll ask you about your thoughts, feelings and experiences with business and capitalism, and you can ask me anything you like.

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in love and solidarity

Elinor xx

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