Courses and workshops

Midwinter Magic
9th December, 2018 – 9th January, 2019

winter sun viewed through ice This course is an invitation to enter the liminal space between one year and the next, where wisdom and magic dwell.

We will:

  • review each month of the year just past, then move into the 12 days of midwinter, to dream, divine, observe and dive deep.
  • gather what we learn, and create our vision for the year ahead.
  • come together to share, and support one another in community.
  • emerge with clarity about where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

Live Dates: 9th December, 2018 – 9th January, 2019
Location: Online
Price: Community and live calls package £120 / £180 / £240 sliding scale
DIY package £60 / £90 / £120 sliding scale

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PRESENT: be where you are
Spring 2019

A black woman in a white top, with long black hair, reclines on top of growing flowers with her eyes closed. In this course you will learn to become present and alive to what is here and now: in yourself, in your locality, and in the stories that weave between self and place.

You will:

  • learn tools to become more present in and to yourself;
  • explore and research the place where you live, its history and stories;
  • choose one local story that resonates with you, and immerse yourself in it;
  • make commitments to your self and your connection with place;
  • move forward with practices that connect you with place in a new way.

Date: Spring 2019
Location: Online and where you live
Price: tbc

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ROOTED: Telling Our Ancestors’ Stories
August – November, 2019

a small plant is cut off at the roots, its leaves drifting away This is a course for white people committed to social justice to:

  • honour our ancestors as complex human beings;
  • begin to engage honestly with our personal inheritance of racism, white supremacy and colonialism;
  • develop a personal practice based in who and where we are.

Through altar time, journalling, storytelling, and ritual, we will learn, reflect and integrate, build a new relationship with our ancestors, and witness one another’s commitments to the work of tackling racism and white supremacy.

Dates: August – November, 2019
Location: Online.
Price: £360 / £540 / £720 sliding scale. Instalment plans available.

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