Resilient Activists Learning Space

For a long time, I've wanted to make what I have learned about sustainable action for social change more widely available, in a way that makes it accessible to people at all income levels, and that ensures I can thrive and flourish materially, as well as emotionally.

In pursuit of that goal, I am working on a new project: the Resilient Activists Learning Space.

Resilient because taking action for social justice is often psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging and demanding. We will spiral inward, with courses and programmes to nourish and resource ourselves.

Activists because inner work is not enough: we need to take our work out into the world if we are to bring about the changes we desire to see. We will spiral outward, with courses and programmes to develop practical skills for working with others to bring about change.

Learning Space because we come together to share and learn skills, resources and aptitudes, to try them out, and to find out what works and what doesn't in our particular circumstances.

Joining the learning space will be via a sliding scale membership subscription. The subscription will include access to:

  • resources on social justice fundamentals
  • courses covering both the inner and outer aspects of action for social justice
  • focused live programmes
  • monthly live calls and online forums for support, questions, and sharing progress

I am currently looking for people to be 'early adopters', to test out the space as I build it, and to make sure that it works in a way that supports the learning and connections I want to facilitate. This would be on a low cost or no cost basis.

If that interests you, drop me a line.

Read on for more details of what I plan to offer.

Social justice fundamentals

People sitting and standing on an underground subway station platform, divided into three scenes by the windows of the train pulling into the station.

Curated text, audio, and video resources to answer questions like:

  • what is systemic oppression, and how does it show up in people's lives?
  • what exactly are race, gender, dis/ability, etc.?
  • what is privilege and do I have it
  • what is an ally?
  • what is solidarity?
  • what about when things get complicated?


Self-care for responsible activism

Self-care isn't about mani-pedis, luxurious baths, or indulgence, although one might be tempted to think that by the way the idea has been hijacked by capitalism to sell us consumer products.

Self-care means taking responsibility for ourselves, and for ensuring that our needs are met. Because if our needs are not met, we cannot sustain the work of bringing about change.

Modules will include:

  • what do we mean by 'needs'?
  • the radical act of acknowledging our neediness
  • prioritising needs
  • taking care of the basics
  • asking for help
  • coming back from burnout

Resourcing ourselves cleanly

Whatever our personal views on religion or spirituality, a regular personal practice which brings us face to face with ourself, who we are, what we want, and how we stand in relation to the rest of the world, is a powerful thing.

But the mainstream resources available to us in our contemporary culture and society are either steeped and embedded in systems which we oppose, lack rootedness, are taken out of context, or are outright stolen.

But it is possible to build a personal practice that is deep, nourishing, expands your capacity to take action for social justice, and that accords with your values.

This course will include modules on:

  • stilling your mind
  • embracing your body
  • feeling your emotions
  • engaging your senses
  • developing awareness of energy
  • connecting with the earth
  • honouring your ancestors
  • finding your core questions

Planning, doing, learning

Many of us find taking action daunting, because we don't want to get things wrong, hurt people, or open ourselves up to judgement and criticism.

We have absorbed the belief, so fundamental to the systems and cultures of white supremacy within which we live, that we must do things perfectly, or not at all.

This programme is designed to support you to ditch that belief, by grounding you in an action research approach.

Modules will include:

  • how action research applies to action for social justice
  • planning for what you want... and for what you don't
  • approaches and skills for working with others
  • giving and receiving peer support
  • resilience in the face of opposition, criticism, and judgement

Live programmes

ROOTED: Telling Our Ancestors' Stories

This is a course for white people committed to social justice to:

  • honour our ancestors as complex human beings
  • begin to engage honestly with our personal inheritance of racism, white supremacy and colonialism
  • develop a personal practice based in who and where we are

Through altar time, journalling, storytelling, and ritual, we will learn, reflect and integrate, build a new relationship with our ancestors, and witness one another's commitments to the work of tackling racism and white supremacy.

There will be an additional fee to take part in this programme, which will go directly to organisations and projects around the world which are working for racial justice.


ROOTED was first run August to November of 2018. Testimonials coming soon.

Man Maid

What is a woman? What even is gender?

We will enter into dialogue with one another, and with the stories of Eve, Galatea, and Blodeuwedd -- each of them a woman created by, for, or from a man -- to explore these questions together.

This programme will be open to people of all genders who have personal experience of girlhood or womanhood, whether that experience comes from a positive internal identity, or from unwanted external assignment, expectations or assumptions.

Deep Presence........................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Wakil

PRESENT: be where you are

A programme for people who want to become present and alive to what is here and now: in themselves, in their locality, and in the stories that weave between self and place.

Through this programme you will:

  • learn tools to become present in yourself
  • explore and research the place where you live, through ancient and contemporary stories
  • look at what you discover through spiritual, natural, economic, social, and political lenses
  • come to know both your place and yourself in greater depth and dimension
  • make commitments to your self and to your connection with place

Image credits: Photos by Simon Shim, Tim Goedhart, Jen Loong, rawpixel, Kacper Szczechla, Evie Shaffer, Benjamin Balázs, and Clarke Sanders, all on Unsplash.