Free your organisation to fulfil its mission by releasing the potential of your people.

Whether you're a community group, a charity, a social enterprise, or a public body, your people are your lifeblood.

Staff, volunteers, managers, board members: all are vital to the realising the vision and mission of your organisation.

And the areas where your people lack confidence, competence, or capacity -- especially when that comes to relating with one another, with your customers, service users, and partners -- are places where your organisation simply cannot go.

Dealing with the fact of diversity, difference, and conflict, especially in our divided political times, can make things even harder.

Many trainings to support people and organisations with these challenges are based on understanding best practice and complying with external standards. These aspects are extremely important, but by themselves they won't get your organisation where you want it to go.

In addition, focusing on these aspects can leave your people feeling weighted down by rules, procedures, and the pressure of feeling they can't put a foot out of line, that they have to get things perfectly 'right', every time.

It can also lead to some of your people feeling silenced, restricted and even threatened in their working environment -- whichever side of a difference they happen to be on.

This all adds up to stress. And stressed people cannot bring the best of themselves to their work.

In the worst case scenario, stressed people have to take time off sick, and eventually leave the workplace.

What a loss of potential, of gifts, of contribution.

Instead, what if you and your people could relax, and start with where your organisation is at, right now? Wouldn't that be a relief?

That's exactly what I offer.

I have expertise in gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and in specific skills which take the fear out of relating with difference and diversity .

What clients say about Elinor's training:

"Elinor provided a rich learning experience, by creating a humanising and non-judgemental atmosphere."

"I feel more comfortable and confident in approaching situations with customers."

"I now feel it's okay not to know something, to ask -- with sensitivity -- and to do some research."

Training packages

I offer a range of packages, from half day Q&A sessions on particular topics, to ongoing training and support to develop your team's skill and confidence in relating with all kinds of difference.

Prices start at £395 for a half day session (max. 4 hours), plus travel costs where appropriate.

My work is currently available in southern and central Scotland and Cumbria. Real-time online courses will become available in 2020 for groups and organisations outside of this area.


I'd love to hear how I can support your organisation. You can book a free online meeting with me, or email me to arrange a face to face chat.