When Giants Formed the Land

An ancient crone carves out the landscape of Scotland, a giant in Shropshire holds an epic grudge, three sisters in Wales are set a challenge by their father, and giant poses as a baby.

These moments are from stories of giants and ancient beings, whose actions can still be seen in our landscape today, in the Giant’s Causeway, the rivers of Wales and Shropshire, the Wrekin, and the entire land of Scotland.

Stories such as these are common all around the world. I have selected these four from places which I have been to, experienced, and loved: Scotland, the Wrekin, the Welsh borders, and the Giants’ Causeway.

On one level, these tales are a bit of fun, a joking way of relating with astonishing and marvellous aspects of the landscape around us. On another, they speak to us of different aspects of our own, very human condition.

This collection of stories lasts about 50-60 minutes, and is suitable for groups of any size, and all ages.
Fee: £150

The story can be followed by activities around anger and fear, and creativity (for children) and/or a workshop on themes of resilience, staying true to yourself, and skills for dealing with difference and conflict (for teens and/or adults).
Fee: contact to discuss

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Image: photograph by Katia De Juan on Unsplash