Meet Elinor

One of the best ways to get to know someone is through conversation. This page is an archive of all of the recorded conversations I've been part of around the Internet over the past few years. It starts with the most recent, and goes backwards in time.

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March 2019

I started spring with an amazing conversation with Yarrow Magdalena of DIY Business Magic. We talked about building a small business against and beyond capitalism⁣, the emotional labour involved in re-thinking our relationship to power and leadership, ways of building sustainable and regenerative communities and how that is related to how we trade with each other, personal freedom and collective liberation⁣, and cycles and transformations in business instead of constant growth.

December 2018

I rounded off 2018 with Christine Petty on the Free Her Spirit podcast. We talked about my journey, ancestor reverence, storytelling, and creative magic. You'll hear how I had a moment of aligning with what I know about creativity, and articulating it in a new way.

November 2018

I joined Omkari Williams on her Stepping Into Truth podcast, to talk about social justice work, storytelling, how to avoid being culturally appropriative, and so much more.

Click to go to the recording.

I also chatted with Yarrow Magdalena of Daydreaming Wolves about interconnectedness, white people engaging with our inheritance of violence and colonialism, ancestral storytelling, building a business against and beyond capitalism to create spaces of justice, and more.

August 2018

Paul Zelizer and I had a conversation about ROOTED: Telling Our Ancestors' Stories over at the Awarepreneurs Facebook page.

Ellie Benton and I also discuss the same programme in a Live video for her Feral Feminine Facebook page.

July 2018

I was interviewed by Pavini Moray on the topic of Unspelling White Supremacy Through Ancestral Storytelling for the Bespoken Bones podcast.

October 2017

A brief outtake of my conversation about business against and beyond capitalism, with Kaila Tova of Your Body Your Brand.

April 2017

Ziada Abeid, Mary-Ann Clements, and I talk about spirituality, storytelling and listening on the Change Making Women podcast (back when I was still happy to identify publicly as a woman).

February 2017

Janelle Hardy and I talk body, creativity and story on her Wild Elixir podcast.

November 2015

Talking about mentoring and learning, failure and success, with Lindsay, Yvonne, and Jo Seawright of Being Business.

September 2015

Talking about weddings with Jo Seawright of Being Business.

August 2014

Talking about connecting deeply with self and spirituality through embodiment, with Amethyst Mahoney of Spiritual Badass.