Midwinter Magic Q&A

Q. How do you use these practices, and what do they mean to you in your life?

A. The main daily practices throughout the 12 days are dreaming, divination and observation -- or, more accurately, dream recording. The purpose of each of the three daily practices is fundamentally to slow down and pay attention.

Dream recording is paying attention to the subconscious and messages via the subconscious; divination is paying attention to messages from the divine/Universe; observation is paying attention to the embodied divine in nature and the world around us.

The planetary exercises are different every day, depending upon the planet and zodiac sign they relate to: structure, spirituality, emotion, who you are and what you want, gratitude, voice and communication, flow, your light, order and organisation, beauty, power, and play. I find they are little hits of reminders: "Oh, yes, this is who I am; this is what I'm about," especially if that has got lost in seasonal depression.

Q. Have you done this for a few years, and what do you sense comes from it for you?

A. Yes, I've done this for, gosh, it must be getting on for 12-15 years now! As I've honed this midwinter ritual over the years, I find that it helps to focus and centre me in what is often otherwise the 'mess' of Christmas/Yule, and it helps me to look at the year ahead without stressing myself out about planning. It helps me to remember my place in the family of beings, to relocate myself in my cosmos. And it helps me to put a boundary around this time as divine, sacred.

For me, life follows a pattern of spiralling inward into myself and spiralling outwards into the world. Both of them need to happen, but they can't always happen at the same time. Midwinter Magic is a chance to do the spiralling inward consciously, without needing to worry about the spiralling outwards for a bit, to really get centered and clear, before moving into action again.