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Storytelling has been transformational in my life. From an early age, stories have been a portal for me: into other realities, other ways of being, other selves. Stories have healed, inspired, challenged, and remade me. Every story I tell in the traditional way, 'eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart', holds the potential to open such a magical portal, not only for myself but also for others. Using my voice, my body, and my energy to conjure the world of the story, I seek to create a shared moment of connection with self, community, place, and ancestors: to deepen roots, to nourish, to grow.

Storytelling and social change

Story is not only magical in its portal-creating properties; it also carries the magic of creating open space for difference, complexity, and paradox. This capacity is vital if we are to create social change in the direction of both inclusion and justice at the same time. I explore this aspect of storytelling in a variety of programmes and projects, focused on areas such as white supremacy and colonialism, gender justice, and environmental interconnection; some of these are open to the public, while others involve specific organisations or community groups.

Patronage and patronage levels

For patrons, there are extra posts with audio or video recordings of me telling stories, and musing on the process and results of programmes and projects, as well as opportunities to connect with me in real time, online and in person.

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