I'm Elinor, and I create.

Storytelling, visual and multimedia art, poetry, song, ideas, yarn crafts, rituals, and magic: all of these creative forms help me to embody my experience in ways I can touch and feel, to mediate between my inner life and the outer environment.

I hope that, by sharing my creative process and what I create on this blog, I can make it a space in which we can connect with one another, and with ways to be in relationship with the more-than-human world around us.

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Daydreaming Wolves interview

I had a wonderful conversation with Yarrow Magdalena of Daydreaming Wolves podcast about… well, about all kinds of things! Interconnectedness, white people engaging with our inheritance of violence and colonialism, ancestral storytelling, building a business against and beyond capitalism to create spaces of justice, and more. Here’s the episode:

Ursula le Guin: 21st October, 1929 – 22nd January, 2018

24th January, 2018 Dear Ursula I’ve been meaning to write this letter to you for a long time — years, in fact. This morning, I found out that I am too late: you are dead.  It’s not a surprise; you were eighty-eight years old, and you had been experiencing poor health for some time. Yet …

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