I'm Elinor, and I create.

Storytelling, visual and multimedia art, poetry, song, ideas, yarn crafts, rituals, and magic: all of these creative forms help me to embody my experience in ways I can touch and feel, to mediate between my inner life and the outer environment.

All creation opens a space of liminality, possibility and risk. When we create something new — whether it’s a jumper, a cake, a painting, a storytelling performance, an altar, even a child — because it’s new and because it’s in process, there’s an element of the unknown. This brings a feeling of risk, and sometimes its reality, too. Creating is not a safe endeavour. For creation to happen, we need to be open to the risk of the unknown, to allow ourselves to be surprised.

I hope that, by sharing my creative process and what I create on this blog, I can make it a space in which we can connect with one another, with ways to be in relationship with the more-than-human world around us, and with our willingness to take risks and be surprised.

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Ursula le Guin: 21st October, 1929 – 22nd January, 2018

24th January, 2018 Dear Ursula I’ve been meaning to write this letter to you for a long time — years, in fact. This morning, I found out that I am too late: you are dead.  It’s not a surprise; you were eighty-eight years old, and you had been experiencing poor health for some time. Yet …

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My altar is laid out upon white cloth:a single candle and a water glass,some clear-wrapped Woolworths fudge, a china cupof Earl Grey tea (no milk), a rosary. All my dead grandparents are honoured here,and all of those who’ve died that I loved best —a tooth, a collar, brushed out puppy fluff —and ancestors of spirit, …

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“…their message of no message across the millennia…”

This remarkable, profound, and challenging piece of writing by Sam Kriss is well worth reading from beginning to end.  Its fundamental point, at least as I understood it — that our attempts to understand the distant past and its remnants, from our viewpoint as blip-in-human-history, are futile, and that listening is all we can do …

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My grandfather’s story

My grandfather, Władislaw Zbegniew Prędota, was born in the tiny village of Bilcza, in southern Poland, on 18th October, 1921. He didn’t complete school, but did join the Aviation School in Bydgoszcz in his teens. It was during a leave of absence for sickness that German forces invaded Poland. What comes next is an incredible …

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Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

John Scalzi is a film critic, a columnist, and a multi award winning author of science fiction. He also blogs. A blogpost he wrote in May 2012 has been my go to ever since for explaining straight, white, male privilege to people who don’t want to think about it. I’ve been thinking of a way …

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