ROOTED: Telling Our Ancestors’ Stories

April - July 2020

A course for white people committed to social justice to:

  • honour our ancestors as complex human beings;

  • begin to engage honestly with our personal inheritance of racism, white supremacy and colonialism;

  • develop a personal practice based in who and where we are.

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Why this course?



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Through this course you will:

  • Engage with the life and story of a single ancestor.
  • Research their life and learn about their context, including their place within systems of historical racism, white supremacy and colonialism, also acknowledging other systems of oppression.
  • Track how your ancestor's story changes as you find out more about them over time, and from different sources.
  • Tell different versions of your ancestor's story, and make space for all aspects of their life and choices.
  • Begin healing and integration in relation to what you uncover, through altar time, journalling, storytelling, and ritual.
  • Reflect on your own place within the systems of racism, white supremacy and colonialism.
  • Make decisions and commitments about where you will go next, with both the inner and outer work of tackling those systems.

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"...there was so much support and space given to me by Elinor and the group. We were all there to address racism, white supremacy, and colonialism within our ancestry and ourselves - so it was a tender area to touch, but the space was free of judgement and there were resources, exercises, and support given every step of the way... 

"Following the program, I feel that I have a better understanding of how to question myself and the world on what exactly racism, white supremacy, and colonialism are, and how they function in our everyday lives. I also have a better understanding of and confidence in personal practices like energy work and divination methods to support my work on myself. I appreciated Elinor's knowledge. It's unlike anything I've experienced before. "

Melissa Scavetta

Who is leading the course?

The course is led by me, Elinor Predota.

elinor leaning against a tree

I'm a mentor to radical change-makers. I have a long and wide-ranging background in activism, community development, spiritual counselling, ritual work, and both formal and informal education. My work centres around the magic of creativity, of relating across difference, and of becoming alive to all that is present within and without us, here and now.

I'm also a storyteller. Part of my storytelling practice focuses on the life stories of my ancestors (who are English, Welsh, Scottish, and Polish), bringing them to life through traditional telling, and mobilising them for awareness raising and reflection on this point in history, and the ways in which big, historical processes intersect and mesh in small, individual lives. I have a personal commitment to honouring my ancestors, without ever blinding myself to their flaws, or to their implication in systems of injustice.

I believe that, as white people committed to social justice, we can take responsibility for our part in righting the wrongs of history, and we can reconnect with our roots to form an honest identity, connected to our ancestors, with both humility and pride, in a deeply grounded way.

I offer this course as one way to do that work.

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What's included in the course?

You get

  • 15 live sessions over Zoom:
    • 7 classes.
    • 7 practice/Q&A sessions.
    • 1 closing ritual.
  • Audio recordings and transcripts of all classes.
  • Audio recordings of all practice sessions and the closing ritual.
  • Community support and accountability via a dedicated online space.
  • Access to optional one to one support from Elinor at reduced rate.


  • The maximum number of participants is 14.
  • The course will run from 1st April - 15th July, 2020.
  • Enrolment will remain open until 25th March, 2020.
  • Live events will run over Zoom.
  • The community space will be hosted through Mighty Networks.

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"Through the program I became aware of some of the guilt I was still carrying around racist, fascist ancestors, and was able to put that back where it belonged.... I uncovered more of the white supremacy in me, not only regarding race, but also regarding other aspects of white supremacy culture... I now feel more at ease with myself as a white person: I understand that this isn't one and done, but a continuous unfolding. And the way I relate to my ancestors has become a collaboration.

"If you come in with an open and willing heart and mind, this program will add so much depth to your understanding of yourself, your ancestors, and the current times we live in now. If you're willing to be with your discomfort around talking about white supremacy and work through it, you will find so much freedom. The space is held with a radical kind of love that challenges without tearing anyone down - and there's plenty of laughter along the way. "

Shyloh McGill

Who is this course for? (and not for)

ROOTED is for you if you:

  • are looking for ways to resource yourself to fight racism, white supremacy and colonialism
  • are interested in developing a non-appropriative personal practice
  • feel a desire to connect with your ancestors
  • are willing to turn towards and be with emotional discomfort -- without trying to 'fix' it -- in yourself and others
  • have some understanding:
    • of what white privilege means
    • that oppression is systemic

ROOTED is not for you if you:

  • are looking for someone else to tell you how not to be racist
  • are interested in researching your ancestors, but not in ending white supremacy
  • want to do the inner work of healing and integration, but not the outer work of taking action in the world
  • are unable to turn towards and tolerate emotional discomfort, in yourself or others
  • are staunch in your belief that:
    • racism is just about individual choices and morality
    • white privilege doesn't exist

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Cost and booking

The full cost for the course is £785.

Payment can be made all in one go, or in five equal payments of £157.

There are 16 spots on ROOTED. Once 7 full price spots have been filled, the rest of the spots will be offered on a Pay What You Can basis.

If you can afford to pay full cost, please do so: this will make it possible for those who cannot afford full cost to join the programme.

Exchange rates

Exchange Rate: GBP

Exchange Rate: GBP


Cancellations and refunds

Before the course starts, you have 14 days from your purchase to cancel if you change your mind. Once the course has started, no cancellations or refunds are available, except in exceptional circumstances. In all cases, 10% of your course fee is a non-refundable deposit.

How do I book?

The meeting point of white people’s anti-racism work, relating with ancestors, and storytelling is not a common topic of conversation.

You likely have questions about the programme before you're ready to book. I also want to make sure that the programme is a good fit for you before either of us makes a commitment. That's why I have decided not to accept anyone's booking for ROOTED until we've had a conversation. Just click on the link below to book a time:

Schedule here