The Golden Bird

The Firebird by Ivan Bilbin 1899 (public domain)
The Golden Bird is a traditional wonder tale, which is told in various forms across Europe and Russia -- where it is known as The Firebird.

It is the story of a quest, not only for the fabulous, thieving bird which took three golden apples and left a golden feather, but for wholeness of self, and for sovereignty. It leads us into a world where the familiar cannot always be trusted, and the voice of animal nature is our truest guide.

The telling of the story can be followed by a workshop, in which participants will be led into engaging with the themes and characters of the story, and finding how these can challenge and support them in being and becoming their whole selves, and finding their own sovereignty.

The story by itself is told over 1½ to 2 hours and is suitable for groups of any size, and all ages.
Fee: £200

The workshop requires at least 3 hours, including breaks for refreshments, and are suitable for groups of 4-20, of ages 16 and up.
Fee: contact to discuss

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