The Soul of the Land

By Iris Wijngaarden - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The soul of the land is a woman, old as dirt, ruling the earth with a will as hard as iron.

The soul of the land is a sad young woman, held captive, waiting to be freed with the flowers.

The soul of the land is a bright young man, on a journey from son to lover.

This the story of the Cailleach, Bride and Angus, who together, in their dance from winter to summer and back again, are Scotland’s ancient soul.

The story lasts about 30-40 minutes, and is suitable for groups of any size, and all ages.
Fee: £100

The story can be followed by activities around seasonal changes, environmental awareness, and weather (for children) and/or a workshop on themes of fairness, control, meeting challenges, transformation, love and/or connection with the land and its many faces (for teens and/or adults).
Fee: contact to discuss

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Image: Snowdrops by Iris Wijngaarden used under Creative Commons license